Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

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Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

1 oz.
Laurel Leaf Essential Oil - has a deep-green, spicy scent. Laurel Leaf is known for its bright, spicy, sweet scent.
  • Uplifting to the senses, its aroma can promote confidence and courage.
  • Helps with feelings of distress and sadness. Laurel Leaf supports a healthy respiratory system and can help relieve and clear up congestion, as well as stimulate the appetite.
  • Laurel Leaf can help relieve occasional muscle aches from normal wear and tear or overexertion.

Essential Oils are commonly used aromatically and topically.
Essential Oils can be rubbed directly on the skin or used in diffusers.
*Please note - If applied directly to the skin, it is recommend they are diluted first.*

For External Use Only